VIAMAXX™ FAQS2021-04-26T18:19:26+00:00
What is ViaMAXX™?2021-04-26T18:15:01+00:00

ViaMAXX™ is  a line of customized medical male sexual enhancement treatments offered by Advanced Medical Group.

What are the benefits of ViaMAXX™?2021-04-26T18:14:54+00:00

ViaMAXX™ works locally in a man’s penis and therefore does not have any major side effects to the rest of the body.  Because ViaMAXX™ only works locally in the penis, a strong erection can be induced in any sexual situation; the erections can be maintained 1-2 hours even after ejaculation, the length and girth of the penis is increased for intercourse by inducing a full erection.

How effective is ViaMAXX™?2021-04-26T18:15:08+00:00

ViaMAXX™ has a 98% satisfaction rate among users.  See our Facebook page for testimonials of actual patients.

How is ViaMAXX™ applied?2021-04-26T18:15:44+00:00

ViaMAXX™ treatment options come in the form of lozenges which is dissolved in the mouth, and as cream, gels, or solution that is applied to the penis.  Which form of treatment is the best option for a particular man is dependent on the results of the consultation, the Doppler ultrasound testing and patient preferences.

How much does ViaMAXX™ cost?2021-04-26T18:16:08+00:00

Depending on which form of ViaMAXX™ treatment a patient prefers, prices range from $22/use-$35/use for minimum orders, but can be lower with higher volume purchasing.

Why is a consultation and testing needed for ViaMAXX™2021-04-26T18:16:30+00:00

ViaMAXX™ is a line of CUSTOMIZED medical sexual enhancement treatments with the most suitable form being determined by many variables specific to each man, most importantly being that of the blood flow in the penis. In order to have the best response to a  particular ViaMAXX™ treatment option, these individual variables need to be evaluated in a office visit.

What is involved in the consultation for the ViaMAXX™ treatments?2021-04-26T18:16:57+00:00

During the consultation, the physician will gather medical information including current and past medical history and what other treatments have been tried and their effectiveness. Then, a screening blood flow study of the penis is done using an Doppler Ultrasound, which then helps the physician determine which form of ViaMAXX™ will be most effective for the patient and at what dosage for satisfactory erection strength and duration.

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